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Training on PIC
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Course Focus

Aware of the real need for a multidisciplinary approach, the program prepares students with in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of the underlined technologies involved in embedded systems. The program is focused on both theoretical and concrete aspects. It aims at:

  • Developing competencies, at system level design for the development of Embedded Systems, based on strong basics of complementary subjects, such as electronics, computer science, energy conversion and management, automatic control, telecommunications and networks.
  • Developing the system approach through integrated projects to master specific methods and tools applied to the following domains: aeronautics, space, automobile or multimedia.

The training covers all hardware, software and control issues of Embedded Systems within an integrated system based perspective.

Course in PIC

1.Microcontroller PIC16F4550

1.1 Hardware Details

1.2 Pin Diagram

1.3 PIC ?Architecture?

1.4 Interrupts and Timers

2.Assembly Language

2.1 Assembly Language of PIC Microcontroller

2.2 PIC instruction set

2.3 Use of Assemblers & Simulator

2.4 Programming for PIC

2.5 Examples programs for PIC

3.IO Devices Interface with 18F4550

3.1 LED Matrix Display

3.2 7-Segment

3.3 LCD Display

3.4 Matrix Keypad

3.5 Opto-Isolators, Relay

3.6 Stepper Motors and Types of Stepper Motors

3.7 Serial Communication Concepts

3.8 Practices on interfacing circuits

4.Module 5: Advance IO

4.1 ADC

4.2 HI-TECH C Compiler

4.3 On chip Peripherals PWM

5.Hand on Tools


5.2 MicroCpro

5.3 Creating? project in MPLAB

5.4 Simulation on Proteus Simulator

5.5 Burning? hex file to PIC controller


6.1 Electronic Voting Machine

6.2 Remotely Controlled Applications


BE / B. Tech. (Electronics, Electronics & Telecommunication, Instrumentation, Electrical), M.Sc. (Electronics & Instrumentation), or equivalent. Final year students may apply.


During the course of the Program in Embedded Systems, the students have to submit a number of assignments. These assignments relate to the sessions dealt with in the classroom. The faculty is entrusted with not only giving the relevant assignments to the students, but also evaluating the assignments submitted by the students, and giving the needful corrections, clarifications and suggestions of the same.


ProjectLab conducts tests periodically, which are dependent on the sessions attended and practicals completed by the students. Tests are a part of the course process, and are of two types - written and practical.

The written tests are held as per the time-table, and the practicals are conducted once the student had enough exposure to scripting programs relating to Embedded Systems. The tests administered at ProjectLab are of high standard, and basically meant to gauge the students’ understanding of the embedded technology, and their readiness to take up a job in the relevant field.


BE / B. Tech. (Electronics, Electronics & Telecommunication, Instrumentation, Electrical), M.Sc. (Electronics & Instrumentation), or equivalent. Final year students may apply.