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Bank token display system( 2 Digit)

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The Electronic token number display systems are quite popular in banks and financial institutions now-a-days. These can also be used by general practitioners in their clinics to summon patients one-by-one and also by interview committees to call candidates. In most applications there are two sets of displays: a small display is kept inside the cabin of the person who is operating it, and a large one kept outside for visitors. To increase the effectiveness of the token number display system we use Microcontroller  to control over all the system. The seven segment is used in this project to display the numbers are common anode display. Display the Token No. which is entered through keyboard. This project is specially designed for banks or places where for calling the people Token Number is used. Here the Token Number is entered through keyboard and the number is shown on two 7-segment display.  A Window-based program written in ‘C’ language generate the control signals and gives output at PC’s parallel port as shown in the circuit diagram.

Pressing of any key generate control signal and the buzzer connected at the collector terminal sounds an alarm. The LED also glows, which gives visual indication. The alarm raises for few seconds.